Ronen Shapira (1966) is one of the leading composers of our time.

In his non-conventional virtuoso piano recitals, Shapira plays on a non-tempered piano and non-tempered keyboards, Classical pieces from the Western tradition along with oriental masterpieces, with Jazz, Rock and Oriental classical pieces.

After getting his B.A. piano performance at the Tel- Aviv Academy of Music, Shapira studied Composition with Andre’ Hajdu and Joseph Dorfman and Piano with Leah Agmon, Pnina Zaltsman and Walter Houfhoizer.
Shapira graduated M.A. degree in Jazz from the University of Michigan and His Doctorate from Northwestern University.
Ronen teaches in Levinsky College of Education and teaches generations of artists, teachers and music therapists.

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”

― Bob Marley

My Work

Ronen Shapira’s compositions are performed in the most prestigious events and halls, including – Carnegie Hall, Bartok Hall, Steinway Hall, Theater X Tokyo, Israeli Opera House, and many more.

Ronen is one of the founders of “weast”- a Jewish-Arab Orchestra, and “Bayit Shlishi” – A modern music ensemble.
His orchestral music was performed by Gabor Hollerung & the Dohnanni Philharmonic Orchestra, Omer Wellber & the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, Israeli Chamber Orchestra, Jerusalem symphony orchestra, Muzika Nova, Berry Sacharoff, and more.
Ronen is also collaborating with leading artistsuch as: Noam Sheriff,  Omer Welber , Ruth Kanner, Shlomo Grunich, Miron Izakson,  Ziv Yonatan, Yossi Arnhieim, Ronny Someck,  Michael Wolpe, Amnon Wolman, Karen Alkalay-Gut, Micha Shitrit, Gabor Hollerung, Revital Hachamoff’, Ida Kuniaki, Yahli Toren , Sivan Shavit, Rachel Joy Weiss, Eran  Zur and others.

The Sad Album

This album is a memory of Ronen’s beloved brother Amir, Who died at the age of 39.


Music covers for a selected number of songs.

My Videos

You can watch more of my videos on my YouTube page

Theater x Tokyo

The Five Continents

Chamber Orchestra

Wild Prayer Japan


Ronen Shapira Hits Classics

Updated interpretations to classic compositions, edited by Ronny Someck.
Ronen renews the classics of the western and non-western Composers, like Beethoven, Chopin, Elvis and more.
In these performances he uses unique elements and techniques; mix of time, space and language.

Click below for the complete song list: